descriptiona xulrunner web browser with an emacs-like interface
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2015-07-30 Axel BeckertDebian package: Upload to unstable as 1.0~~pre-1+git150... masterdebian-1.0--pre-1+git150730-1
2015-05-19 Jeremy Maitin... history.js: Add clear-history and clear-form-history...
2015-05-12 Jeremy Maitin... Fix adblockplus glue code to work with recent version...
2015-05-10 Scott JaderholmFix saveURI: aReferrerPolicy argument added
2015-04-30 Axel BeckertDebian package: Upload to unstable as 1.0~~pre-1+git150... debian-1.0--pre-1+git150409-1
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertAlso remove temporary dist directory in clean target
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertFix dist target: INSTALL has been renamed to README
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertDon't install the test suite on "make install", but...
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertAdd /debian/tmp/ to .gitignore
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertDebian package: Make use of upstream's rewritten Makefile
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertDebian package: Update authors and copyright years
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertDebian package: Remove obsolete build-time modification...
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertMakefile: Don't install Debian packaging into upstream...
2015-04-08 Axel BeckertAdd /conkeror-bin to .gitignore as it's a generated...
2015-04-05 Joseph MingroneFix a compiler warning in clang
2015-04-05 Ivy FosterUpdate search-engines/duckduckgo.xml
5 weeks ago debian-1.0--pre-1+git150730-1
4 months ago debian-1.0--pre-1+git150409-1
10 months ago debian-1.0--pre-1+git141025-1
10 months ago debian-1.0--pre-1+git140812-1
14 months ago debian-1.0--pre-1+git140616-1
16 months ago debian-1.0--pre+git140428-1
16 months ago debian-1.0--pre+git120527-1+deb7u1
21 months ago debian-1.0--pre+git131116-1
2 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git130817-1
2 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git130522-2
2 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git130522-1
2 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git130407-1
3 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git120901-1
3 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git120804-1
3 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git120527-1 Uploaded to Debian Unstable as...
3 years ago debian-1.0--pre+git120102-1
5 weeks ago master
3 months ago jbms-input-system-fix
16 months ago debian-wheezy
18 months ago gecko26-downloads-fix
20 months ago refactor-completers-prep
20 months ago refactor-completers
3 years ago point
3 years ago inline-url-panel
3 years ago page-mode-redesign
4 years ago xr-stub-symlink
4 years ago buffer-ordering
4 years ago buffer-ordering2
4 years ago mmkeys
4 years ago no-more-input-modes
5 years ago minibuffer-watch
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