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Name: Android Tools (SDK/NDK)
  Android SDK Platform API 28
  Android SDK Tools 26.1.1
  Android SDK Platform-tools 27.0.1
  Android SDK Build-tools 27.0.3
  Android SDK Sources 25
  Android Support Library 23.2.1
  Android Instant Apps 1.3.0
  Android Lint 25.3.2
  Google Cloud Messaging 3
Security Critical: no
License: Apache Version 2.0

The Android SDK/NDK provide API libraries and developer tools necessary to
build, test and debug for Android.

See ndk/README.chromium for more on the NDK.

Local Modifications:

-In ndk/
- See ndk/README.chromium.
-In sdk/
- Cherry-picked previous version of tools/emma_device.jar, tools/emma.jar
- Included the Android support library and required extras packages.
- Removed unused resources from the support library (see
- Added extras/chromium/.
- Cherry-picked build-tools/25.0.2/lib/dx.jar for byte_buddy, which
  is used by mockito.

No other modifications has been made to the public Android SDK/NDK.
2018-08-02 Peter WenUpdate OWNERS71/1160871/2master
2018-07-16 Peter WenAdd instant app support47/1138747/4
2018-06-25 John BudorickUpdate to platforms;android-28.07/1112707/2
2018-06-21 John BudorickAdd version 25.0.2 of dx.jar to sdk/build-tools.22/1083822/4
2018-03-05 Peter WenUpdate sdk/platform-tools to version 27.0.182/943182/2
2018-02-07 Peter WenUpdate SDK build-tools to 27.0.378/907078/2
2018-01-15 Peter WenRemove tools-lint subdirectory04/861404/2
2018-01-11 Shenghua Zhang[ndk] Update catapult file with new android ndk root... 32/861332/2
2017-12-22 Andrew GrieveRestore emma.jar, by copying it from previous SDK.63/841863/2
2017-12-20 Andrew GrieveRoll ndk to include CHROMIUM_LIBCPP_INLINE_VISIBILITY... 12/834712/2
2017-12-18 Andrew GrieveRoll ndk to pick up revert of TWEAK_INLINES06/833106/2
2017-12-06 Andrew GrieveRoll ndk to r1661/809761/2
2017-11-22 John BudorickAndroid O MR1 SDK.90/784090/3
2017-11-10 John BudorickOnly check out the NDK in android checkouts.68/763868/3
2017-11-08 Peter CollingbourneRoll ndk to include CFI bad cast fixes.50/758150/2
2017-10-27 Nicolas Dossou... Update the support library to v27.0.076/738376/3
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