descriptionAdult Text Adventure Framework for Flex 4
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A highly detailed Flex text game framework for Adobe Flex 4, tailored for the adult game industry.
2012-12-18 HarbingerFix hair, dick around with new game screen.master
2012-12-17 HarbingerPython parser added.
2012-12-04 HarbingerFix a bunch of issues with Haara.
2012-12-04 HarbingerOne can now specify a name when creating a character.
2012-12-03 HarbingerFinish new game screen
2012-12-03 HarbingerA little more work. FINISHED HAARA TEXT, THANKS PRESID...
2012-10-08 HarbingerVersion bumped
2012-10-07 HarbingerFix for demons gaining 50 body parts.
2012-10-07 HarbingerMasturbation text is IN! Also rewrite of Bova sex...
2012-10-03 HarbingerFixed a bunch of stupid problems.
2012-10-03 HarbingerFix bulging/peeking, fix spelling of hermaphrodite.
2012-10-03 HarbingerCompletion of body part hiding, apparent gender, and...
2012-10-03 HarbingerPatch by HatStand for Tunics and Clothing, plus some...
2012-10-03 HarbingerMissed a file
2012-10-03 HarbingerAdd new clothing system
2012-09-28 HarbingerNPC loading and saving!
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