descriptionautomatic DNA-based phylogenetic tree generator
last changeTue, 8 Feb 2011 08:14:52 +0000 (8 09:14 +0100)
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This is a tool for automatic creation of phylogenetic tree based on a set of genome files. It works based on minimum spanning tree out of an each-to-each distance matrix.

It is made from a couple of modular scripts that can be put together as needed, and has support for custom plug-in DNA metric.

2011-02-08 Petr BaudisAdd comparator based on Needleman-Wunsch scoremaster
2011-02-08 Petr Baudisex_rna16s: Add some procaryota RNA 16S samples
2011-02-08 Petr Baudiscmp_diff: Account for replaces properly
2011-02-08 Petr Baudisex_hoxa1: Add real tree description
2011-02-08 Petr BaudisAdd hoxa1-mrna, hoxa1 (dna) DNA sample sets
2011-02-07 Petr BaudisAdd ex_betaglobin mammals HBB sample set
2011-02-07 Petr Allow for large number of samples
2011-02-07 Petr Allow for labels containing spaces
2011-02-07 Petr BaudisREADME: Add usage example
2011-02-07 Petr Baudiscmp_diff, cmp_gzip: Implement naive comparators
2011-02-07 Petr Fix output order
2011-02-07 Petr BaudisCreate virtual ancestors for joints of components
2011-02-06 Petr BaudisInitial commit - base framework, cmp_gencompress, ex_class
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