descriptionFreedesktop integration for Zero Install
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Zero Install provides a way to download and run applications using a full URI to identify them. To make applications easier to run you'll want to create a short- cut in your desktop environment. This program creates a .desktop file, which causes the program to appear in the GNOME or KDE Applications menus.
2008-03-30 Thomas LeonardAdd "Terminal=true" in desktop files if the feed says... master
2008-02-12 Thomas LeonardCope with our own .desktop syntax.
2008-02-12 Thomas LeonardFixed case of running with an argument.
2007-06-03 Thomas LeonardThe interface URI box is now a combo, listing all inter...
2007-04-08 Thomas LeonardNew release.v0.2
2007-04-08 Thomas LeonardOnly include an 'Icon=' line in the .desktop file if...
2007-04-08 Thomas LeonardUbuntu's click-to-raise default behaviour makes drag...
2007-03-24 Thomas LeonardAdded <feed-for>.
2007-03-24 Thomas LeonardBack button now works.
2007-03-22 Thomas LeonardNew release.v0.1
2007-03-22 Thomas LeonardAdded --version option.
2007-03-22 Thomas LeonardNew release.
2007-03-22 Thomas LeonardGet XdgUtils through Zero Install, in case it isn't...
2007-03-22 Thomas LeonardSupport drag-and-drop of URIs.
2007-03-21 Thomas LeonardHandy program for adding Zero Install applications...
11 years ago v0.2
11 years ago v0.1
10 years ago master