descriptionA small ex/vi editor
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Neatvi is a small ex/vi clone for editing bidirectional utf-8 text.
2017-03-18 Ali Gholami... dir: rename xdir to xtdmaster
2017-03-16 Ali Gholami... led: messages and ex prompts are always left-to-right
2017-03-10 Ali Gholami... vi: for ex messages use "---" filetype
2017-02-03 Ali Gholami... regex: no new line in \1 of "(.*)$" when NOTEOL
2016-11-20 Ali Gholami... vi: repeating case switching commands
2016-11-16 Ali Gholami... README: mention ^L for updating terminal dimensions
2016-11-16 Ali Gholami... regex: fix rinst struct field comment
2016-10-13 Ali Gholami... README: mention more vi commands04
2016-10-13 Ali Gholami... regex: limit re_rec() recursion depth
2016-10-13 Ali Gholami... vi: clean up motion commands in empty buffers
2016-09-22 Ali Gholami... vi: redraw if commands like x change visible columns
2016-08-01 Ali Gholami... cmd: write() may block even with POLLOUT
2016-06-30 Ali Gholami... ex: mark the region before executing glob commands03
2016-06-23 Ali Gholami... ex: allow any number of offsets after ex addresses
2016-06-23 Ali Gholami... ex: preserve cursor position in :g
2016-06-06 Ali Gholami... ex: fail when overwriting files unless with a bang
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