descriptionA free, open-source game of ancient warfare
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 0 A.D. Introductory Information

0 A.D. (pronounced "zero ey-dee") is a free, open-source, cross-platform
real-time strategy game of ancient warfare.

This is currently an incomplete, under-development version of the game.
We're always interested in getting more people involved, to help bring the game
towards completion and to share the interesting experience of developing a
project of this scope.

There are several ways to contact us and find more information:

  Web site:


  Trac (development info, bug tracker):

  IRC: #0ad on

Running precompiled binaries on Windows

Open the "binaries\system" folder.

To launch the game: Run pyrogenesis.exe

To launch the map editor: Run Atlas.bat or "pyrogenesis.exe -editor"

Compiling the game from source code

The instructions for compiling the game on Windows, Linux and OS X are at

Reporting problems

Bugs should be reported on Trac. For information on reporting problems
and finding logs, see
37 hours ago Kieran PilkingtonMerge 'remotes/trunk'master
38 hours ago elexisRemove unused function following rP20362. Implement...
38 hours ago elexisExtract a RandomPathPlacer prototype from Deep Forest...
40 hours ago templeConsider that the point could be inside the goal area...
41 hours ago templeStop formation when ordered to stop
42 hours ago templeGather near dropsite rather than current position after...
44 hours ago mimoCleanup of GetEntityState
2 days ago elexisAdd randomAngle helper function to abbreviate calls.
2 days ago autobuild[Windows] Automated build.
2 days ago elexisAllow the JS GUI to find out if the lobby client is...
2 days ago elexispaintRiver cleanup.
2 days ago StanMake every cape of the game behave.
2 days ago elexisFix build on armhf with gcc 7.
3 days ago elexisDon't crash while in the lobby when receiving an error...
3 days ago StanFix a typo I made in the neckguard.
3 days ago elexisNomad mode on all random map scripts (except Survival...
37 hours ago master