descriptioncreate ROX application launchers for Zero Install programs
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AddApp makes it easy to run Zero Install applications from ROX-Filer. Give it the URI of the application you want, and it will create a ROX application directory to run the application. To switch to a different version of the application, right click on the ROX application directory and choose 'Versions...' from the menu.
2014-01-29 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.11-postmaster
2014-01-29 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.11v0.11
2014-01-29 Thomas LeonardDepend on Python < 3
2012-06-05 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused code
2011-02-27 Thomas LeonardUpdated to 0.53 API
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.10-post
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.10v0.10
2011-02-05 Thomas LeonardHelp now uses 0launch 0.52 API
2009-09-10 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.9-post
2009-09-10 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.9v0.9
2009-05-21 Thomas LeonardFixed error if we can't find an icon
2008-02-16 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.8-post
2008-02-16 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.8v0.8
2008-02-16 Thomas LeonardRemoved Zero2Bundle from AddApp.
2008-02-16 Thomas LeonardUpdates for 0release.
2008-02-16 Thomas LeonardRemoved deprecated use of policy.get_interface().
3 years ago v0.11 Release 0.11
6 years ago v0.10 Release 0.10
8 years ago v0.9 Release 0.9
9 years ago v0.8 Release 0.8
9 years ago v0.6
10 years ago v0.7
12 years ago v0.5
12 years ago v0.4
12 years ago v0.3
12 years ago v0.2
12 years ago v0.1
3 years ago master