descriptionThis is a web cache written in java.
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This is a web cache based on java and netty.


This project aims to implement an HTTP based web cache, with the following features:


There are several things on the todo list, and among them:

So that is the roadmap for now, but once that is done, some other things are on the list, like:


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


To install this software you must have gradle installed, and issue gradle distZip in order to create an release zip file.

Then go to ${path_to_source_dir}/build/distributions and extract the zip file in the folder to the location where you want to install jellyfish.

Then open an console shell, go to the directory where you extracted the files and type bin/jellyfish -c configuration.xml.

If you want to customize the server, please edit the configuration.xml, logback.xml and ehcache.xml in order to configure the server, the logging system or the cache respectively.

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