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To setup the database, setup an account, create database and
execute the contents of SQL. Modify .my.cnf accordingly. Set up
your webserver to execute .pl files as CGI scripts.

Set up these cronjobs (modify accordingly):

54 * * * * nice -n 19 /home/pasky/WWW/asr/ >>/home/pasky/WWW/asr/update.log 2>&1
0 1 * * * nice -n 19 /home/pasky/WWW/asr/ >>/home/pasky/WWW/asr/decay.log 2>&1

The portion of the code is from a large part based
on The Battlefield room engine.
2011-01-20 Petr BaudisIntroduce a 'games this month' columnmaster
2011-01-20 Petr Baudisreset: Do not make a backup mysqldump, buggy
2011-01-20 Petr Baudisparsegame(): Remove board size restriction
2011-01-20 Petr Baudisparsegame(): Support for saving away sgf copies for...
2009-09-04 Petr BaudisDo not decay score below 100
2009-09-04 Petr BaudisLower dailydrop from 1 to 0.5 point
2009-09-04 Petr Fix cutoffdate input
2009-04-15 Petr BaudisRe-spinned initial commitinitial
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7 years ago master