descriptionLibrary and plugin for accessing Sony Network Walkman NW-E507
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This is a Ruby library and Amarok (1.4) plugin for accessing Sony Network Walkman NW-E507. It used to work, but hasn't been maintained since (I no longer have the hardware). I'm publishing it in hope that it helps someone.
2010-03-13 Rafał RzepeckiAdded a minimalistic README.mastermob
2008-08-30 Rafał RzepeckiMerge branch 'walkgirl'
2008-04-04 dividework allright
2008-04-03 divideAlso write other files.
2008-03-02 divideIgnore subdirs (generated file).
2008-03-02 divideGet some more paths (rewrite pending).
2008-03-02 divideAdd automake metadata.
2008-03-02 divideAdd walkgirl (external).
2008-03-02 divideFix paths.
2008-03-02 divideCleanup.
2008-02-25 dividePolish letters get transliterated to avoid unknown...
2008-02-18 divideImportant tags go first so that the device sees them.
2008-02-18 divideVBR mp3s handled correctly.
2008-02-18 divideEven more text encoding glitches.
2008-02-18 divideDo delete the song after deleting a TrackMediaItem.
2008-02-17 divideAllow inserting mp3 without tags.
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