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Project Description Owner Last Change
Cbot.git An IRC bot written in the... 6 years ago
circ.git Circ is an IRC client written... 7 years ago
faqr.git Parse logs (initially from... 7 years ago
gmpc-lirc.git This is a LIRC plugin for... 4 years ago
gpy.git A mediawiki feed and wikilinke... 2 years ago
guppy.git guppy - a modular Python IRC bot 7 months ago
halbot.git A small Python IRC bot custom... 5 years ago
iii.git i (je) ii (irc it), some modif... je@ne.regrette.rien 4 years ago
infinity.git an irc bot written in haskell 7 years ago
irssi-scripts.git User-submitted and -reviewed... 6 years ago
lusty.git lusty is the wise IRC bot... 7 years ago
scrappy.git IRC Bot written in python 5 years ago
six.git IRC bot 6 years ago
softsnow_xchat2_filter.git SoftSnow XChat2 filter 6 years ago
supybook.git Supybook - the supybot handbook 15 months ago
vomak.git A very simple IRC bot 5 years ago
wmiirc-lua.git wmiirc written in lua 5 years ago