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Project Description Owner Last Change
chatter.git A Telepathy Client in C# 8 years ago
circ.git Circ is an IRC client written... 7 years ago
dotnetoauth.git OAuth running on .NET 6 years ago
dotnetopenid.git C# implementation of OpenID 4 years ago
firemac.git C# Carbon Apis wrapper for mac sebastian.faltoni... 7 years ago
Gitrdone.git A git Porcelain in C# and... 7 years ago
IEnumerableExtras.git Extra methods for IEnumerables 4 years ago
litjson.git JSON library for .Net 5 months ago
Optimizer.git Optimize emule of 0day files No commits
smsapi-csharp.git SMS, MMS and Voice message... 3 weeks ago
sqlgg.git SQL query parser and binding... 4 weeks ago
tomboy-trac.git Tomboy-Trac - Extension for... 7 years ago
wakedown.gameserver.git A try to create a generic... 7 years ago
Widgit.git A git Porcelain in C# and... 7 years ago