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Project Description Owner Last Change
Assignment-Trapper.git Web software for teaching... 3 years ago
atbbs.git Simple, yet powerful Web BBS... nexisentertainment... 6 years ago
aur.git Arch User-Community Repository... 6 weeks ago
bazdig.git better sql console wirtten... 8 years ago
canvas.git A Web Application Development... 8 years ago
carbonphp.git carbonPHP is a framework for... 8 years ago
drupal.git Drupal open source CMS using PHP 8 years ago
ecomupi.git Sistema en linea para Eco... 6 years ago
estigi.git Estigi CMS 6 years ago
jimb.git Jabber Instant Messaging Bot 5 years ago
kate-drupal-snippets.git 6 years ago
lycee.git Lycee trading card game website No commits
miniqdb.git A minimalistic quote database 5 years ago
mistral.git PHP webserver, using libev... 3 years ago
phlaker.git An Flaker API implementation... No commits
phpbb.git phpbb is a php-based BBS ... 6 years ago
phpCairo.git Object oriented Cairo bindings... 7 years ago
phpgit.git PHP Git interface, a loose... 7 years ago
phplua.git LUA for PHP is a PHP extension... andreas.streichardt... 4 years ago
phpmyadmin-themes.git phpMyAdmin 4 years ago
phpns.git Phpns is a free and open sourc... 8 years ago
qcms.git CakePHP CMS 7 years ago
recordtv.git Record TV records TV on your... andybalaam@artificialworl... 23 months ago
rockboxthemes.git Site for rockbox themes 7 years ago
simplicity.git The Simplicity PHP Framework... 5 years ago
simply-gallery.git Simply, null configuration... 7 years ago
slashcake.git Open source components for... 7 years ago
smsapi-php.git SMS, MMS and Voice message... 3 days ago
specialops1.git Special Ops source code from... mikeonthecomputer... 10 years ago
specialops2.git Special Ops source code from... mikeonthecomputer... 7 years ago
spyc.git simple php yaml parser 7 years ago
tip.git The I preprocessor 5 years ago
viewgit.git a git repository browser 3 years ago
vsc.git A small footprint PHP5 web... 6 years ago
watermeloncms.git Watermelon CMS 7 years ago
webchat.git a xmpp webchat to be embedded... 7 years ago
wikipedia-parser-hphp.git compile the mediawiki parser... JamesMikeDuPont... 5 years ago
wmmkf.git a fork of mylittleforum version 1 3 years ago
z3nb0x.git A simple media center written... 7 years ago