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cds-indico.git CDS Indico - Event management jose.pedro.ferreira... 20 months ago
fittowidth.git Fit to width extension for Chrome browser 6 years ago
jetstream.git lightweight server-side javascript with rhino 9 years ago
jigdo-ivory.git Javascript Jigdo Client - Google Summer of... 8 years ago
js-i18n.git A client-side internationalization library... 8 years ago
lineal.git Linear Algebra in CL, html/javascript UI 8 years ago
luajson.git JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua Uses LPeg... 8 weeks ago
qscriptprofiler.git qscriptprofiler is a profiler for QtScript... 9 years ago
rhinodom.git A wrapper around the w3c DOM interface for... 7 years ago
sbcl/jsnell.git 9 years ago
ubiq.git Ubiquity commands repo 8 years ago
webchat.git a xmpp webchat to be embedded into your website 8 years ago
wnstats.git Site for statistics about wikinews publishing... 4 years ago
xmpp4js.git An XMPP / BOSH library written in Javascript 8 years ago