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Project Description Owner Last Change
adi18n.git A gettext based translator for asciidoc documents 10 years ago
adtree.git A tree integrator for asciidoc 10 years ago
clqr.git Common Lisp Quick Reference 2 years ago
cryptdemo.git Automated encryption and decryption in Git... je@ne.regrette.rien 6 years ago
dirac-spec-errata.git MOVED TO GITHUB (My proposed corrections... 5 years ago
docbook-zh.git Docbook for chinese 8 years ago
docutils.git docutils git mirror 10 days ago
dutest.git docutils git mirror 10 days ago
geanydoc.git Geany documentation plugin 9 years ago
geanylatex.git Plugin for geany IDE to improve work with... 9 years ago
gitmagic/dustin.git Git Magic Documentation Updates 9 years ago
gmpc-handbook.git GMPC handbook 7 years ago
LinuxKernelDevelopmentProcess.git I'm trying to document the linux kernel devel... paolo.ciarrocchi... 10 years ago
lyx.git LyX document processor (git-svn mirror) ... 7 years ago
man-pages.git mirror of the Linux man-pages repository 4 days ago
manpages-zh.git chinese manpage project (mirror) 9 years ago
mp_doccer.git C Source Code Documentation Generator 6 years ago
opensde-docs.git OpenSDE Documentation Project 9 years ago
parley-vocabulary.git Parley Vocabulary Documents frederik.gladhorn... 9 years ago
supybook.git Supybook - the supybot handbook 3 years ago
vimdoclet.git Java Doclet that generates Vim Helpfiles 8 years ago
xdock.git A group of X applets that sits at the right... 10 years ago
zip-doc.git Offline way of accessing Wikipedia, and maybe... 10 years ago