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Project Description Owner Last Change
alexandria.git Common Lisp utility collection 21 months ago
ascii-data.git Read numerical data from an... 3 years ago
biolisp.git Bioinformatics in lisp 8 years ago
bkell-clj.git A Clojure implementation of... 5 years ago
boalisp.git Lisp to Python bytecode compiler 7 years ago
bordeaux-threads.git Portable shared-state concurre... 3 months ago
chanl.git Private repository for development No commits
cl-base64.git Base64 encoder/decoder 8 months ago
cl-elf.git Elf file format parsing utilit... 8 years ago
cl-glfw.git Common Lisp CFFI bindings... airbaggins@users... 3 years ago
cl-gtk2.git Common Lisp binding for Gtk+ Kalyanov.Dmitry... 5 years ago
cl-mediawiki.git A Common Lisp wrapper around... 4 years ago
cl-notify.git Common lisp bindings for libnotify 7 years ago
cl-opossum.git A Parsing Expression Grammar... 7 years ago
cl-sane.git Common lisp bindings for SANE 11 months ago
cl-sqlite.git Common Lisp binding for SQLite Kalyanov.Dmitry... 4 years ago
cl-trane.git A Common Lisp framework for... mpasternacki@common... 4 years ago
cl-tuples.git Libray for writing optimised... 2 years ago
cl-v4l2.git Common Lisp bindings for Video... 5 years ago
cl-vectors.git CL vector rasterization and... 5 years ago
cl-x86-asm.git X86 Assembler written in Commo... 8 years ago
cl-zmq.git Common Lisp bindings for ZeroMQ2 2 years ago
clon.git Command-Line Options Nuker 3 years ago
closure-html.git HTML parser written in Common... 20 months ago
clqr.git Common Lisp Quick Reference 11 months ago
cls.git XLispStat 8 years ago
CommonLispStat.git XLispStat port to CommonLisp 3 years ago
community-lisp-ru.git 7 years ago
cowl.git Common Lisp OpenGL™ Widget... airbaggins@users... 4 years ago
cxml-rng.git Relax NG for cxml 20 months ago
cxml-stp.git A data structure for well... 3 years ago
cxml.git Closure XML parser, written... cxml-devel@common... 4 years ago
elbb.git Emacs Lisp Bill-Board 5 years ago
emacs-config.git My Emacs config No commits
gotcl.git Script to fetch and build... 7 years ago
gsharp.git The interactive extensible... 4 years ago
hunchentoot.git Common Lisp web server 4 weeks ago
iolib.git Common Lisp I/O library 8 weeks ago
Klink.git Interpreter for the Kernel... 4 years ago
lalr-parser-generator.git A really simple hack of a... 10 years ago
lice.git Lisp Computing Interface 8 years ago
lift.git LIsp Framework for Testing 6 months ago
lineal.git Linear Algebra in CL, html... 7 years ago
lisp-unit.git A Test Framework for Common... thomas.m.hermann... 3 months ago
lispp.git Small experimental C++ Lisp... 5 years ago
lodematron.git Common lisp parser for various... 7 years ago
m68k-assembler.git A simple, mostly-DevPAC-compat... 10 years ago
md5.git MD5 digest implementation 6 years ago
mixamesh.git Renderable triangle mesh handl... 4 years ago
mumble.git Mumble is a package for conver... 10 years ago
myelisptry.git an extension to store and... 7 years ago
newlisp.git Git mirror of development... 8 years ago
objcffi.git Objective-C Foreign Function... 8 years ago
parenscript.git Translator from Common Lisp... 3 years ago
phoros.git A Tool for Photogrammetric... 2 months ago
postmodern.git Common Lisp library for intera... 4 months ago
puri.git Portable Common Lisp URI Library 5 years ago
rclg.git R in CommonLisp 7 years ago
restas-lisp-overlay.git restat-lisp overlay 6 years ago
rt.git Common Lisp regression tester 6 years ago
salza2.git Create compressed data from... 2 years ago
sb-cpu-affinity.git CPU affinity mask API for... nikodemus@random... 7 years ago
sbcl.git Common Lisp compiler and runtime nikodemus@random... 45 hours ago
screamer.git Nondeterministic programming... nikodemus+repo.or... 8 years ago
srid.dotfiles.git Sridhar's unix/cygwin dotfiles... 7 years ago
st-linker.git A very simple linker to use... 10 years ago
thesis-spatio-angular-microscopy.git thesis on microscopy kielhorn.martin... 5 years ago
tilde.git Tilde pathname expander for... 5 years ago
trivial-backtrace.git Portable backtrace for Common... 3 years ago
trivial-gtk.git Simple GTK binding generator... 7 years ago
trivial-shell.git Interface from Common Lisp... 2 months ago
tsl.git Statistical Tools for Lisp 8 years ago
vecto.git Simple Vector Drawing with... 18 months ago
woropt.git common lisp image processing... kielhorn.martin... 5 years ago
yotta-zoomer.git Deep Fractal Zoomer in Common... 8 years ago
zpb-exif.git Access to digital image Exif... 13 months ago
zpb-ttf.git TrueType font file access... 2 years ago
zpng.git Create PNG files from Common... 13 months ago
zs3.git Amazon S3 and CloudFront from... 5 days ago