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Project Description Owner Last Change
acer_acpi.git ACPI Extras for Acer laptops 8 years ago
ana-net.git Lightweight Autonomic Network... 4 years ago
arch-rock.git Arch Rock Linux - Stable relea... archlinuxstable... 8 years ago
Archlinux-Stable.git 8 years ago
arm.git Port a whole linux system... 6 years ago
aur2.git Archlinux User Repository 6 years ago
AurShell.git AurShell is simple shell for... 8 years ago
boxen.git Vaporware Multiple Personality... 8 years ago
busybox.git Busybox: The Swiss Army Knife... johannes.schindelin... 8 years ago
camarabuntu.git Camarabuntu linux distro scripts 7 years ago
ccrypt.git Ccrypt is a linux patch for... dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 8 years ago
celtk.git Linux/SBCL Friendly Fork of... 8 years ago
corvix.git corvix GNU/Linux distribution 7 years ago
dabba.git emmanuel.roullit... 2 years ago
dm-merge.git Merge a copy-on-write exceptio... 6 years ago
dmsetup-tc.git Mount TrueCrypt(R)ed Windows... 3 years ago
dottout.git Dottout overlay 5 years ago
electionapp.git Election system for the Philip... No commits
fbpad.git A small linux framebuffer... 39 hours ago
fbpdf.git A small framebuffer pdf viewer 2 weeks ago
fbsplash.git fbsplash is a userspace implem... 4 years ago
fbv.git View pictures on a linux frame... 21 months ago
firewire-audio.git AMDTP streaming driver for... 5 years ago
fjfix.git fjfix is a tool for handling... 5 years ago
fstk.git The git repository of fstk... 5 years ago
fswebcam.git Small and simple webcam softwa... 6 years ago
gearbox.git Bringing network DMA/zero... 4 years ago
gentoo-diskmaster-overlay.git Diskmaster's overlay for gentoo. 7 years ago
gentoo-interactive-fiction.git Gentoo ebuilds for players... 5 weeks ago
gentoo-soor-overlay.git Gentoo ebuild overlay with... 7 years ago
gfxprim.git A simple 2D graphics library... jiri.bluebear.dluhos... 8 weeks ago
git-cola.git git-cola: A highly caffeinated... 12 days ago
glAntsMech.git glAnts Mech Game - (for Open... 8 years ago
guppy.git moved to https://puszcza.gnu... svetlana@members... 2 weeks ago
hategod.git Just another Go server 6 years ago
hondza-y36pr2.git Random linux/unix utilities 6 years ago
ht-drivers.git Drivers, Libraries and test... 5 years ago
ichatd.git Yet another server implementat... 7 years ago
idunn.git Idunn, an early ssh-capable... 7 years ago
iotop.git Top like utility for I/O 18 months ago
kdeapps-overlay.git Gentoo Overlay for KDE Apps bramschoenmakers... 8 years ago
kioskos.git A Small Linux Kiosk OS, powere... 7 years ago
klaudia.git Klaudia is a Linux Audio Appli... 4 years ago
kmemtrace-user.git kmemtrace userspace application eduard.munteanu... 7 years ago
kworship.git Church worship & presentation... 5 years ago
lcapit-linux-patches.git Capitulino's Linux kernel... 6 years ago
linux-2.6-linus.git Linus Torvalds Linux Tree 8 hours ago
linux-2.6.22.y-op-patches.git patches for my 2.6.22.y tree 7 years ago
linux-2.6.22.y-op.git linux v2.6.22.y-op 7 years ago
linux-2.6.git Linus' kernel tree 2 years ago
linux-2.6/btrfs-unstable.git Btrfs devel tree 18 hours ago
linux-2.6/history.git Historical 2.5/2.6 development 11 years ago
linux-2.6/kmemtrace.git kmemtrace - Kernel memory... eduard.munteanu... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/kvm-ia64.git kvm source repo for ia64 4 years ago
linux-2.6/kvm.git kernel-based virtual machine 4 years ago
linux-2.6/lfs.git Log-structured file system... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/libata-dev.git Linux 2.6 libata-dev (mirror) hmh+gitorcz@hmh... 2 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-2.6-stable.git Linux kernel 2.6 stable trees... hmh+gitorcz@hmh... 4 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-2.6.16.y.git linux 2.6.16.x kernel tree hmh+gitorcz@hmh... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-acpi-2.6.git Linux ACPI git tree (mirror) hmh+gitorcz@hmh... 4 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-acpi-2.6/acpi4asus.git asus-laptop/eeepc-laptop suppo... 8 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-acpi-2.6/ibm-acpi-2.6.git Linux 2.6 ibm-acpi/thinkpad... hmh+gitorcz@hmh... 3 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-dm7025.git Linux kernel tree for Dreambox... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-loongson.git linux kernel for loongson 6 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-mips.git Mirror of the 4 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-mips/linux-dm7025.git A Kernel for the Dreambox... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/linux-trees-mm.git Linux -mm trees (mirror) hmh+gitorcz@hmh... No commits
linux-2.6/misc-patch.git To be removed No commits
linux-2.6/openmoko-kernel.git Openmoko development kernel... 4 years ago
linux-2.6/openmoko-kernel/knife-kernel.git Community contributions to... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/parrot-frames.git Linux on s3c2412 based picture... 5 years ago
linux-2.6/pdupreez.git Linux branches of Pieter du... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/power.git Linux on old RS/6000s having... 7 years ago
linux-2.6/s3c2410-cpufreq.git cpufreq for S3C2410 7 years ago
linux-2.6/sactl.git SocketAccessConTroL development 7 years ago
linux-2.6/suspend2-2.6.18.git Software Suspend 2 for 2.6... 8 years ago
linux-2.6/suspend2-2.6.19.git Software Suspend 2 for 2.6... 8 years ago
linux-2.6/suspend2-head.git Software Suspend 2 for Linus... 8 years ago
linux-2.6/trivial-mods.git Trivial mods to LK 2 years ago
linux-2.6/verdex.git Verdex Pro support 6 years ago
linux-2.6/zen-sources.git Stable & featurefull patchset... 7 years ago
linux-btrfs-devel.git Linux Btrfs Development 4 years ago
linux-rt-nao.git (Inofficial) Linux kernel... 5 years ago
LinuxKernelDevelopmentProcess.git I'm trying to document the... paolo.ciarrocchi... 9 years ago
lksctp-tools.git Linux kernel stream control... 2 years ago
ltp-debian.git Debian packages of ltp 6 years ago
man-pages.git mirror of the Linux man-pages... 4 hours ago
microdia.git Microdia : webcam kernel drive... 6 years ago
mikesnafu-overlay.git mah project overlay 7 years ago
mnemosyne.git An abstract OpenSDE based... 7 years ago
module-init-tools.git Linux userspace module loading... 4 years ago
MonkeyD.git A Fast and Lightweight Wev... 5 years ago
namenlos-ports.git namenlos' CRUX ports richard.poettler... 6 years ago
nao-ulib.git Nao low-level kernelspace... 4 years ago
netsniff-ng.git netsniff-ng toolkit, the packe... daniel.borkmann... 2 days ago
netsniff.git netsniff-ng, the packet sniffi... 3 years ago
netyack.git netyack is a free, fully decen... 4 years ago
npp-install.git npp-installer for linux 8 years ago
nslu2-linux/kernel.git NSLU2-Linux Kernel Patches 7 years ago
nslu2-linux/optware.git Optware Package Repository 7 years ago
open-iscsi.git Open-iSCSI project is a high... 4 years ago
openbox.git Openbox Window Manager 7 months ago
openchrome.git Unofficial Gentoo overlay... 8 years ago
openwrt.git openwrt mirror 38 hours ago
otst.git Linux kernel one-time stacktra... 4 years ago
pcu.git Page Cache Utilities 11 months ago
pizzaboxroom.git A fork of Boxroom rails app... 7 years ago
qallinone.git A media player which can play... 2 years ago
ranger.git fast vim-like file manager 3 days ago
reconos.git ReconOS, a Linux-based reconfi... daniel.borkmann... 3 months ago
recordtv.git Record TV records TV on your... andybalaam@artificialworl... 23 months ago
restas-lisp-overlay.git restat-lisp overlay 6 years ago
rpn.git A reverse Polish notation... 5 years ago
ruby_io_splice.git zero-copy pipe I/O for Linux... 15 months ago
sch_dtht.git Linux kernel deep thought... 4 years ago
smenu.git A command line program that... 4 weeks ago
tails.git Tor-ified, amnesic Live system 17 hours ago
transsip-mirror.git transsip toolkit, a peer-to... 3 years ago
transsip.git transsip toolkit, a decentrali... daniel.borkmann... 3 years ago
trinity.git Linux systemcall fuzzer 2 years ago
tsi148vmebridge.git Linux device driver for the... 6 years ago
ublog.git ublog, a minimal, distributed... 4 years ago
ucwcs-console.git UCW cz/sk linux console keyboa... 8 years ago
uemacs.git uemacs, fork of the uEmacs... 4 years ago
uimge.git Uploader picture to different... 7 years ago
underlay.git Pesa's Gentoo Overlay 5 years ago
v4hn_moonbase.git Personal moonbase of lunar... 7 years ago
wiimote.git Linux Wiimote Driver 4 years ago
xara-cairo.git XaraLX using the cairo graphic... 5 years ago
xbps.git XBPS build templates 6 years ago
xenomai-head.git Real-time framework for Linux... 2 weeks ago
xylftp.git Xiyou Linux FTP Project xiyou.wangcong@yahoo... 7 years ago