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Project Description Owner Last Change
+ autoconf.git Mirror of the GNU Autoconf... 3 weeks ago
+ automake.git Mirror of the GNU Automake... 7 weeks ago
+ binutils.git git-cvsimport of binutils... 3 years ago
+ coreutils.git GNU core utilities 47 hours ago
corvix.git corvix GNU/Linux distribution 5 years ago
docbook-zh.git Docbook for chinese 6 years ago
ectags.git Exuberant Ctags Support for... 6 years ago
+ findutils.git GNU findutils 6 years ago
git2cl.git Convert git logs to GNU Change... 6 years ago
gnash.git Gnash is the GNU SWF movie... 3 weeks ago
+ gnulib.git Mirror of the GNU Gnulib repos... 4 days ago
gnushogi.git GNU Shogi - official repositor... 3 months ago
gnutls.git Implementation of the SSL... 2 years ago
+ grub2.git GNU GRUB2 - Obsolete unofficia... 5 years ago
guile-r6rs-libs.git R6RS libraries for GNU Guile 5 years ago
hichi.git haskell robot for IChat protocol 6 years ago
ichatd.git Yet another server implementat... 6 years ago
+ lilypond.git GNU Music typesetter 5 years ago
+ make.git GNU Make CVS Git mirror (updat... 2 years ago
Math-GSL.git Perl interface to the GNU... 4 years ago
nixpkgs-libre.git Nixpkgs-Libre, a libre version... 4 years ago
+ official-gcc.git Mirror of the offical gcc... 7 hours ago
opera_libre.git Opera Libre is a free-licensed... 4 years ago
opus_libre.git Opus Libre is a framework... 8 months ago
+ tails.git Tor-ified, amnesic Live system tails-sysadmins... 3 hours ago
winelib-gnu-make.git GNU make based build system... 6 years ago