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Project Description Owner Last Change
aftubes.git Modular non-destructive audio... 6 years ago
ahxm.git Ann Hell Ex Machina (music... 3 years ago
audio-mpd.git Audio::MPD - class to talk... 5 years ago
audiomangler.git python CLI music management... 4 years ago
cmus.git ncurses based music player 6 years ago he plugin can fetch... 5 years ago
gssmp.git Gnome Simple Stateful Music... andybalaam@artificialworl... 5 years ago
ITMCK.git ITMCK program for writing... 2 years ago
kmk.git KDE Music Catalog 6 years ago
+ lilypond.git GNU Music typesetter 5 years ago
minmad.git A small libmad/oss mp3 player 2 months ago
+ mpd-mk.git Music Player Daemon (mirror) No commits
mumble.git Mumble is a package for conver... 9 years ago
nenuvar.git LilyPond baroque music scores 5 weeks ago
opera_libre.git Opera Libre is a free-licensed... 5 years ago
opus_libre.git Opus Libre is a framework... 10 months ago
orchestrallily.git A package for lilypond to... 2 years ago
rhythmbox.git GNOME music player 7 years ago
rox-musicbox.git A Music player for the ROX... 8 years ago
rox-ripper.git A CD Ripper for the ROX Desktop 8 years ago