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Project Description Owner Last Change
aftubes.git Modular non-destructive audio... 6 years ago
audiosum.git A tool to find duplicate mp3... alvarezp@alvarezp... 19 months ago
+ FFMpeg-mirror.git Mirror of the official FFMpeg... 4 years ago
jack.git JACK Audio Connection Kit wantingwaiting@users... 5 years ago
jack_mixer.git JACK audio mixer 11 months ago
jackwsmeter.git jack meter over websockets 9 months ago
Khopper.git An audio spliter 4 years ago
klaudia.git Klaudia is a Linux Audio Appli... 2 years ago
ladish.git LADI Session Handler 7 months ago
mmq.git minimalist music queue 3 years ago
mplayer-build.git Scripts to build MPlayer toget... uoti.urpala@pp1... 2 years ago
+ mplayer.git MPlayer development branch uoti.urpala@pp1... 18 months ago
+ ncmpcpp.git an ncurses mpd client inspired... electricityispower... 4 days ago
oggfilter.git A simple command-line tool... 3 years ago
+ opal.git Unofficial OPAL (OpenH323... 7 years ago
+ openal-soft.git Software OpenAL implementation 3 weeks ago
pylooper.git looping media player in python... 6 years ago
qallinone.git A media player which can play... 15 months ago
rox-ripper.git A CD Ripper for the ROX Desktop 8 years ago
+ vlc.git VLC Development tree mirror 8 hours ago
+ wdl.git WDL (by Cockos Inc.) is a... 3 months ago
zik.git Audio player 6 years ago