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Project Description Owner Last Change
abby.git abby is a front-end for cclive 4 years ago
amarok.git distributedish development... hydrogen@notyetimplemente... 7 years ago
avr-sim.git Atmel AVR simulator 4 years ago
+ boaqonstrictior.git A snake-like game (Uni project... 4 years ago
cropwidget.git a simple Qt widget capable... 5 years ago
git-cola.git git-cola: A highly caffeinated... 7 days ago
GoMoku3D.git A 3D version of the popular... 6 years ago
ImageView.git Small image viewer using Qt4 pekka.kaitaniemi... 7 years ago
jkt-jerboa.git jkt's branch of Jerboa, a... 5 years ago
jrugr.git Jrugr: X11 keyboard layout... 12 months ago
kfpm.git Qt based frontend for libpacman 6 years ago
kphotoalbum.git KDE Photo Album is a tool... 4 years ago
Leditor.git a simple editor written in... 7 years ago
libxmms2client-qt.git Qt 4 bindings for the XMMS2... 6 years ago
+ lqt.git Automatic Qt bindings for Lua 4 years ago
musique.git Qt 4 client for XMMS2 6 years ago
qallinone.git A media player which can play... 12 months ago
qanava.git Qanava is a C++ library design... 6 years ago
qautotestgenerator.git qtestlib test stub generator 6 years ago
qbat.git Qt4 Systray Battery Monitor 4 years ago
+ qgit4.git qgit ported to Qt4 5 years ago
qscriptprofiler.git qscriptprofiler is a profiler... 7 years ago
qsnippetsmanager.git Qt4 Snippets Manager 5 years ago
qt-creator-color-themes.git Adds color-themes feature... bique.alexandre... 6 years ago
qt_rdw125klib.git A RFID based application on qt kde-devel@opsiland... 7 years ago
qtdict.git Qt4 based hungarian-to-any... andrewbecsi@yahoo... 5 years ago
qtodo.git A todo list manager written... 6 years ago
qtopia-split.git Scripts to split up the Qtopia... 7 years ago
Shogi.git Shogi game with Qt 7 years ago
sqool.git The SQLite manager written... 7 years ago
squawker.git A client written... 7 years ago
trojita.git Trojita is a Qt IMAP client. 10 days ago
urggr.git An horizontal shoot'em up... 6 years ago
+ vlc.git VLC Development tree mirror 2 hours ago
webkit/qt.git WebKit/Qt repo 6 years ago
xcurtheme.git X11 cursor theme selector... 2 years ago