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This directory contains the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).

The GNU Compiler Collection is free software.  See the files whose
names start with COPYING for copying permission.  The manuals, and
some of the runtime libraries, are under different terms; see the
individual source files for details.

The directory INSTALL contains copies of the installation information
as HTML and plain text.  The source of this information is
gcc/doc/install.texi.  The installation information includes details
of what is included in the GCC sources and what files GCC installs.

See the file gcc/doc/gcc.texi (together with other files that it
includes) for usage and porting information.  An online readable
version of the manual is in the files gcc/doc/*.

See for how to report bugs usefully.

Copyright years on GCC source files may be listed using range
notation, e.g., 1987-2012, indicating that every year in the range,
inclusive, is a copyrightable year that could otherwise be listed
16 min ago ebotcazou * config/visium/ (nop): Tweak comment.mastertrunktrunk
22 min ago ebotcazou PR testsuite/77734
30 min ago ebotcazou * testsuite/17_intro/ Undefine 'y' on SPARC...
4 hours ago wschmidt[gcc]
4 hours ago law * caller-save.c (insert_save): Drop unnecessary...
5 hours ago jakub PR libgomp/83590
5 hours ago rsandifoTwo fixes for live-out SLP inductions (PR 83857)
5 hours ago rguenth2018-01-16 Richard Biener <>
6 hours ago jakub PR c/83844
6 hours ago rsandifoMove pa.h FUNCTION_ARG_SIZE to pa.c (PR83858)
7 hours ago segherFix whitespace in changelog
8 hours ago rsandifoFix changelog
8 hours ago rsandifoAvoid GCC 4.1 build failure in fold-const.c
8 hours ago rediPR libstdc++/83834 replace wildcard pattern in linker...
8 hours ago sebastianperta * MAINTAINERS (write after approval): Add myself.
11 hours ago rsandifoDon't group gather loads (PR83847)
3 months ago gcc-5_5_0-release
5 months ago gcc-7_2_0-release
6 months ago gcc-6_4_0-release
8 months ago gcc-7_1_0-release
12 months ago gcc-6_3_0-release
16 months ago gcc-6_2_0-release
17 months ago gcc-4_9_4-release
19 months ago gcc-5_4_0-release
20 months ago gcc-6_1_0-release
2 years ago gcc_5_3_0_release
2 years ago gcc-5_3_0-release
2 years ago gcc_5_2_0_release
2 years ago gcc-5_2_0-release
2 years ago gcc-4_9_3-release
2 years ago gcc-4_8_5-release
2 years ago gcc-5_1_0-release
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