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New repo's added for documents(doc) and tools(tool).
Check doc for TODO, package version lists, etc.
2008-02-07 Thomas Kinnenlogrotate PKGBUILD updatedmasterorigin/HEADorigin/master
2008-02-07 Thomas KinnenAdjusted the source-url in man-pages PKGBUILD
2008-02-07 Thomas KinnenUpdated dash PKGBUILD
2008-02-07 Thomas KinnenAdded prebuild to vi PKGBUILD
2008-02-06 Thomas KinnenUpdated perl PKGBUILD.
2008-02-06 Thomas KinnenUpdated vi PKGBUILD
2008-02-06 Thomas KinnenUpdated iputils PKGBUILD + added new patch
2008-02-01 JasinDeleted the path in build and moved it to prebuild... prebuild-conform-0.1
2008-01-31 Jason PierceNew README file.
2008-01-31 JasinAdded prebuild() to bash/PKGBUILD
2008-01-31 JasinUpdated core/base PKGBUILDs to conform with {} unity.
2008-01-31 Jason PiercePrototype updated for prebuild().
2008-01-31 Jason PierceWe should use curly brackets whenever creating. This...
2008-01-31 JasinUpdated: PKGBUILDs with the prebuild() function.
2008-01-31 JasinInitial commit: Uploaded everything from abs/coreinitial-commit
10 years ago newpage-v0.2.2 Should _really_ work with multi...
10 years ago newpage-v0.2 Bugs: 1. Does not conform to direct...
10 years ago pub_extensions Content and template files in pub...
10 years ago initial-commit Inintial commit, pre-prebuild()
10 years ago prebuild-conform-0.1 branch master: 'core/base' PKGBUILD...
10 years ago tool
10 years ago abs-snap
10 years ago website
10 years ago abs-snapshot
10 years ago doc
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