descriptionGentoo ebuilds for players and authors of interactive fiction
last changeTue, 21 Nov 2017 12:48:07 +0000 (21 14:48 +0200)
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39 hours ago Nikos Chantziarasfizmo: Bump to 0.8.5, don't use games.eclass, update... master
2017-07-31 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/hugor: fix recursion ebuild crash
2017-07-31 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/hugor: fix manifest
2017-07-31 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/hugor: don't use games and confutils...
2017-02-26 David Levertongames-util/grotesque: bump to
2017-02-26 David Levertondev-python/pyifbabel: add new
2016-09-03 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/fizmo: bumb to 0.8.1, remove old
2016-08-06 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/fizmo: bump 0.8.0
2016-03-24 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/hugor-9999: remove qt4/qt5 flags as upstr...
2016-01-22 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/hugor: fix fmod USE flag in metadata.xml
2016-01-21 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/qtads: bump version to 2.1.7
2016-01-21 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/qtads-9999: qt4/5 USE flags and deps...
2015-10-11 Nikos Chantziarasgames-engines/fizmo: bump version to 0.7.10 and switch...
2015-03-21 Nikos Chantziarashugor: depend on SDL1, that's the upstream new default
2015-03-08 James Broadheaddev-games/garglx: libertine-ttf rename
2015-03-06 Nikos Chantziarashugor: Depend on SDL2, make video support optional...
39 hours ago master