descriptionAmazon S3 and CloudFront from Common Lisp
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This is ZS3, a library for working with Amazon's Simple Storage
Service (S3) and CloudFront service from Common Lisp.

For more information about S3, see:

For more information about CloudFront, see:

For documentation of ZS3, including how to install and use, see
doc/index.html in this distribution, or visit:

If you have any questions or comments about ZS3, please contact me,
Zach Beane, at You can also discuss ZS3 on the ZS3
mailing list at .

2017-01-27 Zach BeaneMerge pull request #26 from wsgac/mastermaster
2017-01-27 Wojciech GacInclude header x-amz-security-token in bucket-location... 26/head
2016-10-31 Zach BeaneUpdated version to 1.3.release-1.3
2016-10-18 Zach BeaneMerge pull request #17 from deadtrickster/master
2016-10-18 Zach BeaneMerge pull request #20 from nicklevine/master
2016-10-18 Zach BeaneMerge pull request #22 from wsgac/master
2016-10-13 Nick Levinedoc cleanups20/head
2016-10-12 Zach BeaneMerge pull request #23 from wsgac/url-encode-use-uppercase
2016-10-12 wsgCapitalize percent codes23/head
2016-10-12 wsgChange AND to WHEN; Change order of COND clauses22/head
2016-10-12 wsgCompute md5 sums not only for pathnames
2016-09-30 Nick Levine(minor) doc cleanup
2016-09-30 Nick Levineexport and document readers for interrogating response...
2016-09-30 Nick LevineHandle 5xx responses with empty bodies, and implement...
2016-09-30 Nick Levinezs3:head needs to pass amz security headers
2016-06-22 Zach BeaneUpdated version to 1.2.11.release-1.2.11
12 months ago release-1.3
17 months ago release-1.2.11
17 months ago release-1.2.10
18 months ago release-1.2.9
18 months ago release-1.2.8
2 years ago release-1.2.7
2 years ago release-1.2.6
2 years ago release-1.2.5
3 years ago release-1.2.4
3 years ago release-1.2.3
4 years ago release-1.2.2
4 years ago release-1.2.1
4 years ago release-1.2
5 years ago release-1.1.13
5 years ago release-1.1.12
5 years ago release-1.1.11
9 months ago master
18 months ago aws4-hmac-sha256
5 years ago multi-object-delete