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OpenADK - An embedded Linux construction kit

This is a menu based buildsystem for your embedded Linux system.

Before you can start you need to install some software:
- gcc or clang
- g++ or clang++
- binutils 
- make
- tar
- gzip
- perl
- curl or wget
- git
- strings
- c library headers
- ncurses library and header
- zlib library and header

There is a check for the required versions of these software in advance, though.
Most of the needed software for the build process to succeed will
be compiled before the target build starts.

Please use "make menuconfig" to choose your target architecture and
embedded system and configure like you want to.

Simply running 'make' will build the firmware for your embedded system. The
buildsystem will download all sources, build the toolchain, the kernel and all

 Waldemar Brodkorb <>
21 hours ago Waldemar Brodkorbopenssh: update to 7.6p1master
21 hours ago Waldemar Brodkorblibressl: update to 2.6.3
22 hours ago Waldemar Brodkorbbarebox: update to 2017.11.0, fix x86 builds
31 hours ago Waldemar Brodkorballow USB boot for generic targets
6 days ago Waldemar Brodkorbkodi needs libiconv in uClibc-ng case
7 days ago Waldemar Brodkorbor1k: allow kernel compression
11 days ago Waldemar Brodkorbarc: switch to upstream binutils and gcc
13 days ago Waldemar Brodkorbuclibc-ng: update to 1.0.27
2017-11-24 Guo Rencsky: ck610 doesn't support FPU.
2017-11-24 Guo Renscripts: Bugfix compile error on chinese system.
2017-11-22 Waldemar BrodkorbMerge branch 'master' of ableton-dir/openadk into master
2017-11-20 dirAdd -D option to to pre-populate data partition
2017-11-20 dirAdd ajstarks openvg helper library
2017-11-20 dirAdd ADK_CUSTOM_TASKS_DIR variable to point to external...
2017-11-19 Waldemar Brodkorbor1k: default to 4.13
2017-11-19 Waldemar Brodkorbsash: remove unused file
21 hours ago master