descriptionneatroff's postscript postprocessor
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Neatpost is Neatroff's postscript postprocessor.
2016-11-17 Ali Gholami... README: addedmaster
2016-11-17 Ali Gholami... post: switch to ISC
2016-11-17 Ali Gholami... ps: start with a capital letter in PS creator comment
2016-05-31 Ali Gholami... post: extend Dp command to include arcs or splines
2015-11-19 Ali Gholami... post: draw all glyphs with glyphshow with -n option
2015-02-15 Ali Gholami... clr: map colour #fff to #ffffff
2015-02-02 Larry Kollarout: handle old eps files
2015-01-28 Ali Gholami... out: eps bounding box is in points
2014-12-02 Ali Gholami... post: close the output device before exiting
2014-11-27 Ali Gholami... font: do not limit the number of glyphs
2014-09-26 Ali Gholami... post: skip the rest of the line after unknown requests
2014-09-26 Ali Gholami... out: ignore invalid size requests
2014-09-16 Ali Gholami... post: show the default value of -w
2014-09-16 Ali Gholami... post: -p defaults to letter
2014-09-15 Ali Gholami... out: ignore invalid font requests
2014-09-13 Ali Gholami... Makefile: compatibility with openbsd
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