descriptionAn eqn preprocessor for neatroff
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Neateqn is an eqn preprocessor for neatroff.
2017-08-09 Ali Gholami... eqn: more commentsmaster
2017-03-15 Ali Gholami... src: limit macro recursion depth
2017-03-15 Ali Gholami... eqn: -c to specify which characters split equations
2017-03-14 Ali Gholami... tok: allow parting characters to be redefined
2017-03-13 Ali Gholami... def: use bar instead of \(br for |
2017-03-02 Ali Gholami... src: rename in.c to src.c
2017-02-10 Ali Gholami... eqn.h: briefly explain how eqn.c uses box.c
2017-02-10 Ali Gholami... README: make the instructions for CM fonts more concise
2017-02-10 Ali Gholami... eqn: switch to ISC
2017-02-10 Ali Gholami... eqn: do not include gaps in postfix commands like bar
2017-01-07 Ali Gholami... tok: limit the length of strings
2016-10-15 Ali Gholami... README: improve the general description
2016-04-12 Ali Gholami... tok: handle long lines
2015-07-04 Magnus Holmeqn: fix the size of tilde and vec
2015-07-04 Ali Gholami... def: increase the default break cost
2015-06-19 Ali Gholami... tok: ignore troff escape sequences when collecting...
2 months ago master