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Project Description Owner Last Change
attr_splat.git attr_* puts Ruby Core's attr_a... 7 years ago
beast-modified.git Beast Modified (ruby forum) 8 years ago
caro.git Gomoku game written in Ruby... 7 years ago
chartparser.git A Ruby chart parser 7 years ago
concurrent.git The Omnibus Concurrency Librar... 8 years ago
couchdb.git CouchDB Ruby Library 8 years ago
couchobject.git Ruby client for CouchDB 8 years ago
cuibap.git An offline blogging engine... 9 years ago
dcbot.git Direct Connect bot written... 8 years ago
decorate.git Python style decorators for... 8 years ago
doozer.git A fixture building framework... 8 years ago
element.git ruby data-web tools carmen@whats-your... 3 years ago
g-gem.git g-cpan alternative for rubygems 9 years ago
gecoder.git Ruby interface to gecode 8 years ago
git-blog.git Ridiculously minimalist blogwa... 7 years ago
git/ruby-binding.git Ruby bindings for git 9 years ago
gitrb.git git ruby bindings 9 years ago
god.git Ruby process monitor 8 years ago
jruby.git git mirror for jruby svn 7 years ago
kaya.git KDE Board Game Suite 4 years ago
kgio.git kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby 6 months ago
mruby.git 4 days ago
nfoiled.git The Rubyist's interface to... 7 years ago
omgdav.git Rack app for bridging WebDAV... 7 months ago
punbbonrails.git A port of PunBB forum to Ruby... 9 years ago
R4Ruby.git Ruby bindings for the R project 8 years ago
rainbows.git Unicorn for slow clients and... 3 months ago
raindrops.git real-time stats for preforking... 2 months ago
ranger.git fast vim-like file manager 5 days ago
ronin-sinatra.git My Sinatra playground No commits
rubinius.git mirror of 7 hours ago
ruby-bugtrack.git bugtrack from rubyforge 8 years ago
ruby-calais.git Ruby interface to the Open... 8 years ago
ruby-couchdb.git Ruby interface to CouchDB 8 years ago
ruby-do-notation.git Haskell-style do-notation... 8 years ago
ruby-mogilefs-client.git MogileFS client library for... 5 months ago
ruby.git ruby svn mirror 7 years ago
ruby_io_splice.git zero-copy pipe I/O for Linux... 15 months ago
ruby_posix_mq.git POSIX Message Queues for Ruby 2 months ago
rubydium.git no longer kept here, @ github now 8 years ago
rubygit.git Ruby Library for using Git 8 years ago
rubyvolley.git RubyVolley schreiber.arthur... 8 years ago
secretsharing.git Shamir Secret Sharing Ruby gem 4 years ago
sinatra_rb_pro_zdrojak.git Zdrojove kody pro clanek o... 7 years ago
stringray.git Combining many of the benefits... 6 years ago
subrails.git A ruby on rails IDE 8 years ago
sunshowers.git Web Sockets for Ruby, Rack... 5 years ago
tablebottom.git Ruby hack to connect to Tabletop 7 years ago
task_master.git Clean up that Rakefile, you... 7 years ago
timebase.git Monotonic timers for ruby 8 years ago
toopaste.git code paste web app in Ruby 8 years ago
treetop.git A ruby based packrat parser... 8 years ago
twitter4r-core.git Twitter4R: Open source Ruby... 4 years ago
twitter4r.git Twitter4R: The most complete... 7 years ago
twitterpathy.git Twitter backend for Telepathy 7 years ago
unicorn.git Rack HTTP server for Unix... 4 weeks ago
uproar.git A command line bookmark manage... 8 years ago
www.git a ruby webserver carmen@whats-your... 9 hours ago
yahns.git sleepy, multi-threaded, non... 27 hours ago