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Project Description Owner Last Change
cboard.git NCurses chess engine interface 10 months ago
glaurung_clone.git A clone of Glaurung 2.1 chess... 7 years ago
kaya.git KDE Board Game Suite 3 years ago
NALCG.git Not Another Lousy Chess Game... 5 years ago
omaha.git GUI to play arbitrary board... 8 months ago
omniperft.git Perft utility (a chess engine... ilari.pihlajisto... 5 years ago
owl.git Xboard-compatible chess engine andrey.sofronov... 5 years ago
rattatechess.git RattateChess chess engine... 5 years ago
Sloppy.git Cross-platform chess engine... ilari.pihlajisto... 21 months ago
tagua.git A generic board game application 7 years ago