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Project Description Owner Last Change
acts_as_ferret.git Git mirror of the acts_as_ferr... 8 years ago
bbearapp.git This Rails App is meant to... 3 years ago
caro.git Gomoku game written in Ruby... 7 years ago
donaciones.git Rails app for donations collection 7 years ago
ecp_lsfp.git ECP -- Elearning Community... 16 months ago
ecs.git ECS -- Elearning Community... 3 months ago
ecs_templates.git Rails templates for ECS config... Heiko.Bernloehr... 12 months ago
embea.git Yet another Rails message... 8 years ago
freeonrails.git Rails application for FreeOnRa... 8 years ago
fuzed.git YAWS frontend for Rails Applic... 8 years ago
grails.git 7 years ago
has_many_polymorphs.git Git mirror of the has_many_pol... 8 years ago
monkeycharger.git Rails app for storing credit... 8 years ago
monoslider.git Monoslider Rails Plugin 8 years ago
notes_radiant.git test to deploy CMS Radiant... 6 years ago
pictrails.git A Web Photo Gallery, written... 8 years ago
pizzaboxroom.git A fork of Boxroom rails app... 7 years ago
pragmatm.git Playground for a pragmatic... 7 years ago
punbbonrails.git A port of PunBB forum to Ruby... 9 years ago
rails-ledger.git Rails-based Ledger system 8 years ago
rails-skeleton.git Rails skeletons ready to use 8 years ago
railsex.git Rails extensions 8 years ago
rainbows.git Unicorn for slow clients and... 3 months ago
redhillonrails.git RedHillOnRails git-svn clone 7 years ago
script_gem.git local gem environments for... 8 years ago
stuff.git Stuff on Rails 7 years ago
subrails.git A ruby on rails IDE 8 years ago