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Smatch is a static analysis tool for C. Most of the checks are for the linux kernel. Please write checks for your project. It's fun and easy!

There is a mailing list [smatch [at]]

45 hours ago Dan Carpenterdb: introduce the --db-file=/path/to/smatch_db.sqlite... master
2 days ago Dan Carpenteruser_data2: use function returns in points_to_user_data()
2 days ago Dan Carpenterfiles: check for schema files relative to the bin_dir
2 days ago Dan Carpentersmatch.c: export bin_dir to everyone
5 days ago Dan Carpentercore: print the full path when --info is used
7 days ago Dan Carpenteruser_data: improve how returned data is handled
7 days ago Dan Carpentercapped: set returned struct members to capped
10 days ago Dan Carpenteruser_data: fix validation test for returned struct...
2018-07-31 Dan Carpenterimplied: don't print so many "turning off implications...
2018-07-31 Dan Carpentermtag: delete some bogus code
2018-07-31 Dan Carpentermtag_data: update mtag_data to use get_mtag_addr_sval()
2018-07-31 Dan Carpentermtag: fix expr_to_mtag_offset()
2018-07-31 Dan Carpentermtag: introduce get_mtag_addr_sval()
2018-07-31 Dan Carpenterparam_to_mtag_data: rename "data_name" --> "name"
2018-07-31 Dan Carpentermtag: don't set the name in expr_to_mtag_offset()
2018-07-31 Dan Carpentermtag_data: cache DB results
3 years ago 1.60
4 years ago v0.5.0 Sparse 0.5.0
5 years ago 1.59
5 years ago v0.4.5-rc1 Sparse 0.4.5-rc1
5 years ago 1.58
5 years ago 1.57
6 years ago 1.56
6 years ago v0.4.4 sparse release 0.4.4
6 years ago v0.4.4-rc2 Sparse 0.4.4-rc2
6 years ago v0.4.4-rc1 Sparse 0.4.4-rc1
7 years ago v0.4.3 sparse 0.4.3 release
8 years ago 1.55
8 years ago 1.54
8 years ago v0.4.2 sparse 0.4.2
8 years ago v0.4.2-rc1 Sparse 0.4.2-rc1
9 years ago 1.53
45 hours ago master