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This is the html git repo of the anti slander campaign. I created this 
campaign to fight off political slander, so we would be able to put a little 
more trust in to our political figures.

I made the source of this website into a git repo to try to demenstrate the
possible effectiveness of an open source website. I encourage mirroring and I
also encourage trying to improve the web site, and sending me patches. I would
love to collaborate with other participants, and I look forward to your contributions.
2010-04-04 Alex StubbinsThe links that was on there was dead because it linked... master
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2010-03-31 Alex StubbinsI deleted the backup files and index...
2010-03-31 Alex StubbinsI made the .zip file local.
2010-03-31 Alex StubbinsI made some changes to the website. Again.
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2010-03-31 Alex StubbinsI ran the html document through html tidy.
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2010-03-28 Alex StubbinsI am starting to create the website. I already added...
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