descriptionA server for managing passphrases and anything else.
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Password Manager Daemon is a server that provides a way for applications to securely store and retrieve data at a centralized location. The data is stored in an XML file and clients connect and send commands to manipulate the data. It mimics a filesystem in many ways with commands to store, copy, move and delete elements.
12 days ago Ben KibbeyBump version for development.master
12 days ago Ben KibbeyVersion 3.1.0.v3.1.0
12 days ago Ben KibbeyAdd gpg.conf to set default key.
2018-06-03 Ben KibbeyFix 'make distcheck'.
2018-06-02 Ben KibbeyUpdate m4/ macros and
2018-06-02 Ben KibbeyMove project to Gitlab.
2018-03-01 Ben KibbeyDELETEKEY: No longer require confirmation.
2018-03-01 Ben KibbeyAdd port number on bind() log failure message.
2018-02-26 Ben KibbeyUpdate copyright.
2018-02-24 Ben KibbeyFix portability issue when validating an attribute.
2018-02-24 Ben KibbeyFix status message warnings for unsupported socket...
2018-02-23 Ben KibbeyLS/GENKEY: Fix undefined behavior.
2017-12-03 Ben KibbeyAttempt to kill scdaemon only at client disconnect.
2017-10-04 Ben KibbeyDisable "tls_use_crl" by default.
2017-10-04 Ben KibbeyRevert "Remove the "tls_use_crl" configuration parameter."
2017-08-20 Ben KibbeyBump version for development.
12 days ago v3.1.0 Pwmd version 3.1.0.
11 months ago v3.1.0-beta3 Pwmd version 3.1.0-beta3.
18 months ago v3.1.0-beta2 Pwmd version 3.1.0-beta2.
20 months ago v3.1.0-beta1 Pwmd version 3.1.0-beta1
2 years ago v3.0.18 Pwmd version 3.0.18.
2 years ago v3.0.17 Pwmd version 3.0.17.
2 years ago v3.0.16 Pwmd version 3.0.16.
3 years ago v3.0.15 Pwmd version 3.0.15.
3 years ago v3.0.14 Pwmd version 3.0.14.
3 years ago v3.0.13 Pwmd version 3.0.13.
3 years ago v3.0.12 Pwmd version 3.0.12.
3 years ago v3.0.11 Pwmd version 3.0.11.
3 years ago v3.0.10 Pwmd version 3.0.10.
3 years ago v3.0.9 Pwmd version 3.0.9.
3 years ago v3.0.8 Pwmd version 3.0.8.
4 years ago v3.0.7 Pwmd version 3.0.7.
12 days ago master
18 months ago cow
23 months ago agent-cache-checking
2 years ago no-literals
2 years ago v3.0.x
5 years ago v2.x
6 years ago scd-pin-prompt
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