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Password Manager Daemon is a server that provides a way for applications to securely store and retrieve data at a centralized location. The data is stored in an OpenPGP encrypted XML file (master branch). Clients connect (via unix-domain-socket, or TLS) to send commands that manipulate the XML data. Some of the features include:
It was originally written because I use a few applications that require the same credentials but dont like having to update all of their configuration files to reflect any changes. But it can be used to store other things as well; like configuration settings. Edit once, use many.
2017-10-04 Ben KibbeyDisable "tls_use_crl" by default.master
2017-10-04 Ben KibbeyRevert "Remove the "tls_use_crl" configuration parameter."
2017-08-20 Ben KibbeyBump version for development.
2017-08-20 Ben KibbeyVersion 3.1.0-beta3.v3.1.0-beta3
2017-08-20 Ben KibbeyUpdate m4/ macros.
2017-08-20 Ben Kibbeytests: Fix terminating the gpg-agent when exiting.
2017-08-20 Ben KibbeyGENKEY: Add --no-expire.
2017-03-19 Ben KibbeyATTR SET: Check validity of _mtime and _ctime.
2017-03-19 Ben KibbeyIMPORT: Remove non-reserved attributes for "target".
2017-03-19 Ben KibbeyIMPORT: Fix potential bad pointer access.
2017-03-18 Ben KibbeyKILL: Fix return code on success.
2017-03-18 Ben KibbeyATTR LIST: Fix thinko for previous commit.
2017-03-16 Ben KibbeyATTR LIST: No non-reserved attributes for bad permissions.
2017-03-16 Ben KibbeyATTR: Remove non-reserved attributes for "target".
2017-03-12 Ben KibbeyLIST: Fix error flag for element with target.
2017-03-09 Ben KibbeyHELP: Fix escaping HTML entities.
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