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This directory contains the top-level Makefile of Neatroff to obtain
and build Neatroff and the helper programs that accompany it.

To use Neatroff without installing it (which is recommended), execute
the following commands (which obtain a few commonly used fonts
automatically for convenience):

$ make init		# Obtain the necessary files and fonts
$ make neat		# Build the programs

To create Farsi documents, replace the first command with the

$ make init_fa

The demo directory contains a sample Neatroff document:

$ cd demo		# A small neatroff test
$ make			# Generate test.pdf from

To add fonts, copy them to the fonts directory and rebuild the
neat target.  In Neatroff, fonts/MyFont.ttf can be mounted as

  .fp - R MyFont

For more information, consult the following documents:
2018-01-08 Ali Gholami... use pdf links when possiblemaster
2018-01-05 Ali Gholami... tmac.tbl: reverse column numbers if tblcolrev is set
2018-01-05 Ali Gholami... tmac.tbl: support up to seven columns
2018-01-05 Ali Gholami... tmac.fa: improve some of the comments
2017-12-28 Ali Gholami... README: briefly describe how to add fonts
2017-12-14 Ali Gholami... axis labels
2017-12-14 Ali Gholami... specifying graph aspect ratio
2017-12-06 Ali Gholami... tmac: use ds instead of de + chop
2017-11-27 Ali Gholami... \? is interpreted in copy mode
2017-11-24 Ali Gholami... end cc.beg blocks with cc.end
2017-11-23 Ali Gholami... demo: extract roff and post options
2017-11-23 Ali Gholami... include .co request
2017-11-23 Ali Gholami... do not mention the dir branch any more
2017-11-23 Ali Gholami... Makefile: text direction support has been merged
2017-11-19 Ali Gholami... tmac.fa: farsi footnote sign should appear on the right
2017-11-19 Ali Gholami... do not rename the EPS macro
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