descriptionAn Automator action to automatically move/rename files according to their metadata (EXIF for photos, ID3 for mp3, etc..)
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This is an Automator action (for Apple that takes a list of files as input and will move them according to a special pattern which can use the metadata fields of the file. You will be able to move images according to their EXIF data (date taken, camera model, ...), move audio files according to their ID3 tags (artist, title, ...), move PDF files according to their author, etc... etc...
2008-02-15 Pierre Andrewsnew automatic way of building the DMG package.master
2008-02-13 Pierre Andrews*added a icns file for using when building the dist...
2007-09-02 Pierre Andrewsreview of the README file
2007-09-02 Pierre Andrewsnice little icons for the action.
2007-09-02 Pierre Andrewsalso replace the cnt if we are overwriting
2007-09-01 Pierre Andrewscorrections in the readme.
2007-09-01 Pierre Andrewshelp and grouping. Added help tooltips for French and...
2007-09-01 Pierre Andrewslocalisation of the 'Same Directory' value
2007-09-01 Pierre Andrewsdefault values in the interface.
2007-08-31 Pierre Andrewsmore bit and bolt of renaming.
2007-08-31 Pierre Andrewsrename to MetaDataMover.
2007-08-31 Pierre AndrewsItalian localisation
2007-08-31 Pierre Andrewswe move files, not only photos.
2007-08-31 Pierre Andrewsrename to MetaDataMover
2007-08-31 Pierre Andrewsthe copy/move option is now using the list index instea...
2007-08-30 Pierre Andrewsthese temp nib files are annoying
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