descriptionArduino Intervalometer
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2008-11-14 Tim HortonAdd schematic?master
2008-11-14 Tim HortonLots of new files!!
2008-09-27 Tim HortonLots of cleanup...
2008-09-25 Tim HortonRGBLED set function.
2008-09-25 Tim HortonContrast adjustment by pushing in encoder and twisting...
2008-09-25 Tim HortonFactor out led init code.
2008-09-25 Tim HortonClean up fade up code.
2008-09-25 Tim HortonClean up debouncing.
2008-09-23 Tim HortonAssign digital pots.
2008-09-23 Tim HortonFixing LCD corruption, etc.
2008-09-23 Tim HortonBroke something!
2008-09-13 Tim HortonFix parallel shiftout for LCD to byref, so that things...
2008-09-13 Tim HortonOops.
2008-09-13 Tim HortonPut fricking diode back. Need it for not screwing up...
2008-09-13 Tim HortonFix schematic to match what I rebuilt today...
2008-09-11 Tim HortonAdd numbers file of parts/prices.
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