descriptionA small smtp client
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2016-02-02 Ali Gholami... conn: move tls handshake to conn_tls()master
2016-01-14 Ali Gholami... conn: with null certfile, do not verify the certificate
2016-01-14 Ali Gholami... conn: support openssl
2015-02-25 Ali Gholami... smtp: send mails of any size
2015-02-25 Ali Gholami... smtp: be more pedantic about smtp reply codes
2014-05-06 Ali Gholami... conn: update for polarssl-1.3.7
2013-05-24 Ali Gholami... smtp: simplify reading server's responses
2013-02-07 Ali Gholami... smtp: do not send mails with unknown from addresses
2013-02-07 Ali Gholami... Makefile: use -O2 instead of -Os in CFLAGS
2013-02-07 Ali Gholami... conn: initialize conn struct correctly
2013-01-23 Ali Gholami... conn: ssl_set_session() now takes only two arguments
2012-09-30 Ali Gholami... smtp: bail out if the mail is too big
2012-09-30 Ali Gholami... config.h: increase the maximum mail size to 16mb
2012-09-30 Ali Gholami... smtp: switch to the modified bsd license
2012-04-02 Ali Gholami... conn: polarssl-1.1 adaptation
2011-08-24 Ali Gholami... DPRINT() only transfered bytes in smtp_xwrite()
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