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ATK - The Accessibility Toolkit

For more information about ATK and accessibility in GNOME, see:


ATK requires GLib >= 2.32. Information about GLib is available from:

Getting the source code

You can get the source code of each ATK release as a tarball:

You can also clone the ATK master branch from GNOME repository:


To buid ATK from a release tarball you can use Autotools:

    $ ./configure
    $ make
    # make install

Alternatively, you can use Meson and Ninja:

    $ meson _build .
    $ ninja -C _build
    # ninja -C _build install

To build ATK from a Git clone using Autotools, run the script
instead of the configure one; before running or configure, make
sure you have libtool in your path. If you use Meson, no changes are

Note that runs the configure script for you. If you wish to pass
options like --prefix=/usr to configure you can give those options to and they will be passed on to configure; if you wish to run without running the configure script, export the NOCONFIGURE
environment variable.

How to report bugs

Bugs should be reported to the GNOME bug tracking system:

You will need to create an account for yourself.

You can also mail the mailing list
2017-11-30 Joanmarie Diggsdocumentation: Remove list association from ATK_ROLE_DE... master
2017-10-20 Alejandro PiñeiroRelease 2.27.1ATK_2_17_1
2017-10-20 Chun-wei FanVisual Studio builds: Enhance security of x64 binaries
2017-10-18 Pawan ChitrakarUpdate Nepali translation
2017-10-05 Xavi Ivars[l10n] Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation
2017-09-13 Chun-wei Fanbuild: Add option to disable introspection
2017-09-13 Chun-wei Fanbuild: Fix .rc generation in Meson builds
2017-09-12 hannieduUpdated Dutch translation Master 3.26
2017-09-11 Alejandro PiñeiroRelease 2.26.0ATK_2_26_0
2017-09-08 Chun-wei Fanmeson: Force-include msvc_recommended_pragmas.h on...
2017-08-26 Ask Hjorth... Updated Danish translation
2017-08-09 Chun-wei Fantests: Fix build on pre-C99
2017-08-09 Chun-wei Fanmeson: Build .rc file on Windows
2017-08-09 Alejandro PiñeiroRelease 2.25.90ATK_2_25_90
2017-08-09 Alejandro PiñeiroUpdate AUTHORS
2017-07-31 Chun-wei FanMSVC builds: Make marshal generation more robust
3 months ago ATK_2_26_1 Releas 2.16.1
3 months ago ATK_2_17_1 Release 2.27.1
4 months ago ATK_2_26_0 Release 2.26.0
5 months ago ATK_2_25_90 Release 2.25.90
7 months ago ATK_2_25_2 Release atk 2.25.2
10 months ago ATK_2_24_0 Release 2.24.0
16 months ago ATK_2_22 Release 2.22
17 months ago ATK_2_21_90 Release 2.21.90
22 months ago ATK_2_20_0 Release 2.20.0
22 months ago ATK_2_19_92 Release 2.19.92
23 months ago ATK_2_19_90 Release 2.19.90
2 years ago ATK_2_18_0 Release 2.18.0
2 years ago ATK_2_17_90 Release 2.17.90
2 years ago ATK_2_16_0 Release 2.16.0
2 years ago ATK_2_15_91 Release 2.15.91
3 years ago ATK_2_15_4 Release 2.15.4
7 weeks ago master
3 months ago gnome-3-26
8 months ago wip/meson
9 months ago gnome-3-24
15 months ago gnome-3-22
21 months ago gnome-3-20
22 months ago gnome-3-14
22 months ago gnome-2-30
22 months ago gnome-3-6
22 months ago gnome-3-16
22 months ago gnome-3-0
22 months ago gnome-3-10
22 months ago gnome-3-2
22 months ago gnome-3-8
22 months ago gnome-3-12
22 months ago gnome-3-4