descriptionAgain yet another news system
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2008-08-23 Belliere Ludoviclittles bugfixes for minimal/full viewmaster
2008-08-23 Belliere Ludovicbugfixes and date default format override by users
2008-08-23 Belliere LudovicAdded tag 1.2b1 for changeset 13d0a0fdcd25
2008-08-23 Belliere LudovicAdd search feature
2008-07-10 Belliere Ludovicoversights
2008-07-10 Belliere Ludovicadding comments and possibility to use "light" alternat...
2008-06-16 Belliere LudovicBugfix
2008-05-06 Belliere LudovicJoy, the first version is here
2008-05-06 Belliere Ludoviclast changes
2008-05-06 Belliere LudovicRemoved tag 1.0
2008-05-06 Belliere LudovicJoy, the first version is here
2008-04-27 Belliere Ludovicupd hgignore
2008-04-27 Belliere Ludovicadd edit page (unfinished)
2008-04-26 Belliere Ludoviccleaning cache file
2008-04-26 Belliere Ludovicdon't put the sqlite dev database on the repo's
2008-04-26 Belliere Ludovicadd an empty database in contrib
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