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This project has been created to provide a simple way to upgrade the sudo utility on older OS X versions (specifically versions 10.4.x, 10.5.x and 10.6.x) so that the CVE-2013-1775 vulnerability can be avoided (there are further details available at this link).

Please note that without this update all versions of OS X prior to 10.7.5 (assuming the 2013-09-12 security update has been applied) as well as OS X versions 10.8.0-10.8.4 are vulnerable to this exploit whereby code running as a member of the admin group can easily obtain root access on the machine if the sudo command has ever been used sucessfully in the past.

Please see the README_FIRST.txt file for details on building and installing. Full license information can be found in the LICENSE.txt file.

This update is based on the official sudo 1.7.10p7 release upon which various Apple-specific tweaks are then applied (see the patches directory) as culled from the Apple Open Source sudo sources that can be found here.

Please see the README_FIRST.txt file for more details as the build script automatically takes care of extracting, patching, configuring and building this update.

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