descriptionantidote - a commandline mail user agent
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Nothing to see here right now - apart from some buggy vala code ;)

Antidote is my vision of a command line mua (mail user agent) written in vala. For now this code is very experimental and incomplete but later it will become a full-fledged command line mua.

Bugreports, patches and suggestions are welcome!

Have fun!


2012-03-14 Bernhard Guillonantidote: add RAD ncurses prototypemaster
2012-03-10 Bernhard Guillonmain.vala: add working threading :)
2012-03-07 Bernhard Guillonimplement very slow but working headers to hashmap
2012-03-06 Bernhard Guillonantidote: add basic imap support and autotools
2012-03-06 Bernhard Guillonfirst commit
6 years ago master