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web host: " " I want to study Linux kernel for a long time, now I will start -_- You're welcome if here is anything to me ( I plan to study memery management, synchronize, irq, bootup, fs systems, PCI driver, ISA driver, USB driver and etc.
2009-02-02 arrow_zhang[UP] show/alert/warn for battery status.master
2009-01-09 arrow_zhang[ADD] duty-cal web
2009-01-08 arrow_zhang[UP] add a bug tip
2009-01-08 arrow_zhang[ADD] add a sound file for wm.
2009-01-08 arrow_zhang[UP] play a sound when mail reached.
2009-01-08 arrow_zhang[UP] set vim setting auto, tab=4,
2009-01-08 arrow_zhang[UP] add key-bind for web, stardict, volume, xlock.
2009-01-08 arrow_zhang[UP] show maildir at status
2009-01-07 arrow_zhang[UP] set awesome's show time font to bold.
2009-01-07 arrow_zhang[ADD] awesome window-manager config file.
2008-12-24 arrow_zhang[FIX] x200 X work under new xorg, and my red-track...
2008-12-20 arrow_zhang[ADD] add kermit conf
2008-11-27 arrow_zhang[UP] add some viki files, knowledge.
2008-11-05 arrow_zhang[UP] add more viki file from internet, change some...
2008-10-22 arrow_zhang[UP] ln find to f
2008-10-22 arrow_zhang[ADD] add netconsole module probe script
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