descriptionA command-line mail client.
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Neatmail is a mail client.
2018-06-25 Ali Gholami... mime: cp1256 and iso-8859-6 character setsmaster
2018-06-18 Ali Gholami... mail: switch to ISC
2018-03-13 Ali Gholami... mk: limiting ~subject indentation
2017-05-05 Ali Gholami... ex: chop command now removes the body without arguments02
2017-01-07 Ali Gholami... mk: two-character status
2017-01-06 Ali Gholami... mk: stop readtok() at the end of string
2016-09-08 Ali Gholami... mk: sort based on the date header
2016-08-01 Ali Gholami... util: write() may block even with POLLOUT
2016-05-28 Ali Gholami... mk: ignore in-reply-to when referencing newer messages01
2016-05-23 Ali Gholami... mk: read invalid utf-8 characters byte by byte
2016-05-23 Ali Gholami... regex: match patterns at utf-8 character boundaries
2016-05-23 Ali Gholami... README: mention chop ex command
2016-05-22 Ali Gholami... regex: use bit masks in uc_len()
2016-05-22 Ali Gholami... mk: fix reading utf-8 characters with more than three...
2016-05-22 Ali Gholami... ex: chop command to chop large messages
2016-05-22 Ali Gholami... mk: ~size field to print message size
14 months ago 02
2 years ago 01
2 years ago 00
3 weeks ago master