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WebSMS enables you to send free sms via GMX SMS Manager, O2 Germany or O2 Ireland as well as donate me a beer if you like this app :)
2010-02-01 Felix Bechsteincleanupflxmaster
2010-02-01 Felix Bechsteinskip defect connectors
2010-01-31 Felix Bechsteinbump to WebSMS v2.9.93 beta3WebSMS-2.9.93-beta3
2010-01-31 Felix Bechsteinadd connector autoset for some cases
2010-01-31 Felix Bechsteinadd hint to connector sms
2010-01-30 Felix Bechsteincleanup
2010-01-30 Felix Bechsteincache connectors over restarting app
2010-01-30 Felix Bechsteinadd .settings to common
2010-01-30 Felix Bechsteinmove code to github
2010-01-29 Felix Bechsteinfix
2010-01-29 Felix Bechsteinbump to WebSMS-Connector-sloono v0.3WebSMS-Connector-sloono-0.3
2010-01-29 Felix Bechsteinbump to WebSMS-Connector-sipgate v0.3WebSMS-Connector-sipgate-0.3
2010-01-29 Felix Bechsteinbump to WebSMS-Connector-o2 v0.3WebSMS-Connector-o2-0.3
2010-01-29 Felix Bechsteinbump to WebSMS-Connector-innosend v0.3WebSMS-Connector-innosend-0.3
2010-01-29 Felix Bechsteinbump to WebSMS-Connector-Cherry-SMS v0.3WebSMS-Connector-Cherry-SMS-0.3
2010-01-29 Felix Bechsteinbump to WebSMS v2.9.92 beta2WebSMS-2.9.92-beta2
8 years ago WebSMS-2.9.2 WebSMS v2.9.2
8 years ago WebSMS-2.9.93-beta3 WebSMS v2.9.93 beta3
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-sloono-0.3 WebSMS-Connector-sloono v0.3
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-sipgate-0.3 WebSMS-Connector-sipgate v0.3
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-o2-0.3 WebSMS-Connector-o2 v0.3
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-innosend-0.3 WebSMS-Connector-innosend v0.3
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-Cherry-SMS-0.3 WebSMS-Connector-Cherry-SMS v0.3
8 years ago WebSMS-2.9.92-beta2 WebSMS v2.9.92 beta2
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-GMX-0.3 WebSMS-Connector-GMX v0.3
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-Example-0.3 WebSMS-Connector-Example v0.3
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-o2-0.2 WebSMS-Connector-o2 v0.2
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-Innosend-0.2 WebSMS-Connector-Innosend v0.2
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-sloono-0.2 WebSMS-Connector-sloono v0.2
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-sipgate-0.2 WebSMS-Connector-sipgate v0.2
8 years ago WebSMS-2.9.90-beta1 WebSMS v2.9.90 beta1
8 years ago WebSMS-Connector-Cherry-SMS-0.2 WebSMS-Connector-Cherry-SMS v0.2
8 years ago master
8 years ago flx
8 years ago WebSMS-2
8 years ago modular
8 years ago arcor
8 years ago lado
8 years ago modular-prepare
8 years ago test
8 years ago sipgate
8 years ago innosend
8 years ago api4+5
8 years ago api5
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