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WARNING! the policy of "being compatible with Vanilla D" is dropped.

vanilla D (and dmd as its reference compiler) is going to be more and
more broken. stupid compiler refucktoring, dropping useful features...
i see it as a complete disaster.

thus, i did a hard fork of dmd, and will not "vanilize" any modules in
IV anymore.

go get Aliced today if you want to use IV!

how to get Aliced
it is probably not that easy, but doable. you will need vanilla dmd 2.076
(other versions aren't tested, and versions starting from 2.078 are outright

then do this to get Aliced source code:
mkdir aliced
cd aliced
git clone git:// dmd
cd dmd
git checkout k8
cd ..
git clone git:// druntime
cd druntime
git checkout k8
cd ..
git clone git:// phobos
cd phobos
git checkout k8
cd ..
git clone git:// tools
cd tools
git checkout k8
cd ..

to build aliced:
cd aliced
cd dmd
HOST_DMD=/path/to/your/dmd076/dmd make -f posix.mak
cd ..
cd druntime
make -f posix.mak DMD=../dmd/src/dmd
cd ..
cd phobos
make -f posix.mak DMD=../dmd/src/dmd
cd ..

to install aliced, execute the following shell script from aliced/ directory
(note that you either have to be root, or have rights to create directories in /opt/):


cd "$aliced_dir"

if [ -f phobos/generated/linux/release/${ARCH}/libphobos2.a ]; then
  echo "MSG: RELEASE Phobos found!"
elif [ -f phobos/generated/linux/debug/${ARCH}/libphobos2.a ]; then
  echo "MSG: DEBUG Phobos found!"
  echo "wtf?! where is Phobos?!"
  exit 1

mkdir $DMD_INSTALL_PATH 2>/dev/null

echo "copying dmd..."
mkdir -p $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin
cp dmd/generated/linux/release/32/dmd $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin

echo "copying runtime..."
cd "$aliced_dir/druntime"
mkdir -p $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/include/d2
cp -r import/* $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/include/d2
cd src
cp -ar gc $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/include/d2

echo "copying phobos..."
cd "$aliced_dir/phobos"
mkdir -p $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/lib
cp -va generated/linux/$phorel/${ARCH}/libphobos2.a $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/lib
rm $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/lib/*.o 2>/dev/null
cp -ar std $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/include/d2
cp -ar etc $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/include/d2
rm -rf $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/include/d2/std/experimental 2>/dev/null

( cat <<EOT
; the special name %@P% is replaced with the path to this file.
DFLAGS=-defaultlib=libphobos2.a -I%@P%/../include/d2 -L-L%@P%/../lib -L--no-warn-search-mismatch -L--export-dynamic -L--demangle=dlang
) >$DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin/dmd.conf

echo "compiling rdmd..."
cd "$aliced_dir/tools"
$DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin/dmd -conf=$DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin/dmd.conf -O -release -of$DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin/rdmd rdmd.d rpkgman.d -L-s -wi
rm $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin/*.o 2>/dev/null

strip -s $DMD_INSTALL_PATH/bin/* 2>/dev/null

cd "$aliced_dir"

now you should have a fully functional Aliced compiler (still named dmd for historical reasons).
if you can't figure out what to change in case the script is not working, or what to do next,
Aliced is probably not for you. go get vanilla dmd.

and no, dub is not supported, and never will be.

ok, some last words. to use IV with rdmd, clone IV like this:

  mkdir /opt/dlibs
  git clone git:// /opt/dlibs/iv

and add "-I/opt/dlibs" to 'dmd.conf' creation part in Aliced install script.
it is advisable to add "-J/opt/dlibs/iv" too.

note that it is IMPORTANT to clone IV in the way that it lands in iv/ directory,
and to -I a directory of one level upper than iv/.

also, it is VERY convenient to clone Adam D. Ruppe's ARSD repo too (i'm using it alot):

  git clone /opt/dlibs/arsd

there is nothing to add to 'dmd.conf' at this stage (only /opt/dlibs is required, and we
already added it.)
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