descriptionA small ARM/x86(_64) libc
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neatlibc is written mainly to bootstrap neat* toolchain and implements only a small subset of the C standard library API.
11 days ago Ali Gholami... stdio: upper case hex numbersmaster
2018-04-15 Ali Gholami... stdio: fread() and fwrite
2018-04-02 Ali Gholami... stdio: puts() and vprintf()
2016-10-14 Ali Gholami... regex: import changes from neatvi
2016-07-14 Ali Gholami... x86: sigaction and truncate syscalls
2016-04-20 Ali Gholami... Makefile: specify neatcc's ncc as the default compiler
2016-04-19 Ali Gholami... arm: memrchr(), strrchr(), strncmp(), htonl(), htons()
2016-04-07 Ali Gholami... Makefile: easier target selection
2016-04-02 Ali Gholami... memtst: support calloc()
2016-04-02 Ali Gholami... malloc: cast before bit operations on pointers
2016-03-26 Ali Gholami... stdlib.h: calloc()
2015-12-31 Ali Gholami... localtime: partial mktime()
2015-06-16 Ali Gholami... regex: character classes
2015-06-08 Ali Gholami... regex: assume unknown characters to be word characters
2015-05-22 Ali Gholami... regex: \< and \> word boundaries
2015-05-16 Ali Gholami... regex: partial regex.h implementation
11 days ago master