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aMule is an eMule-like client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks, supporting multiple platforms.
2017-06-03 upstream svnFix typo (and compilation)masteramule-svn-r10990
2017-06-02 upstream svnApply workaround only when neededamule-svn-r10989
2017-06-02 upstream svnClose tab only works with the mouse events down/up... amule-svn-r10988
2017-06-02 upstream svnFix display of search results in amulecmdamule-svn-r10987
2017-06-02 upstream svnAdd Chinese locale into .desktop filesamule-svn-r10986
2017-06-02 upstream svnMSLU is removed in wxMSW 3.1.0amule-svn-r10985
2017-06-02 upstream svnIn VS2015 Microsoft moved std::min and std::max to... amule-svn-r10984
2016-12-06 upstream svnWorkaround for wxWidgets bug #17740, fixes GH issue #74amule-svn-r10983
2016-11-25 upstream svnDo not override automake ruleamule-svn-r10982
2016-11-23 upstream svnFix compilation with wxWidgets 2.8.12amule-svn-r10981
2016-11-23 upstream svnUpdated French translation by Dylan Aïssiamule-svn-r10980
2016-11-21 upstream svnUpdate translationsamule-svn-r10979
2016-11-21 upstream svnUpdate translation sourceamule-svn-r10978
2016-11-21 upstream svnChangelog updateamule-svn-r10977
2016-11-21 upstream svnAdd missing directory change instruction to the MacOSX... amule-svn-r10976
2016-11-21 upstream svnFix MacOSX application packager to create missing direc... amule-svn-r10975
8 months ago amule-svn-r10990
8 months ago amule-svn-r10989
8 months ago amule-svn-r10988
8 months ago amule-svn-r10987
8 months ago amule-svn-r10986
8 months ago amule-svn-r10985
8 months ago amule-svn-r10984
14 months ago amule-svn-r10983
14 months ago amule-svn-r10982
14 months ago amule-svn-r10981
14 months ago amule-svn-r10980
14 months ago amule-svn-r10979
14 months ago amule-svn-r10978
14 months ago amule-svn-r10977
14 months ago amule-svn-r10976
14 months ago amule-svn-r10975
8 months ago master