is a webservice that connects podcast players
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mygpo - Source for

mygpo is the website and webservice powering


mygpo is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. See file COPYING for details.


See the installation instructions for details.


Please report bugs in the GitHub issue tracker.

Contributing is an open source project and your contributions are wanted and appreciated. To get started please see the developer documentation.

Mailing List

mygpo and related issues are discussed on the gPodder Mailing List.


Documentation, especially for the API, is stored in the doc folder and can be read on ReadTheDocs.

Name (Why mygpo?)

mygpo is a short version of "" which was the old [domain] name of and has been used as the project name since then.

2018-07-05 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #137 from podStation/feature__make_d... master
2018-07-04 Guilherme[config,doc] Added make option to configure development137/head
2018-06-29 Stefan KöglUpdate translations
2018-06-29 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'yarons-patch-3'
2018-06-29 Stefan KöglMerge branch 'patch-3' of
2018-06-28 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #127 from yarons/patch-4
2018-06-28 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #114 from gpodder/dependabot/pip...
2018-06-28 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #130 from podStation/fix-129__fix...
2018-06-26 Guilherme[doc] Fixed wrong http method in list devices api docum... 130/head
2018-06-25 Yaron ShahrabaniFixed type127/head
2018-06-25 Yaron ShahrabaniAdded full Hebrew translation126/head
2018-06-23 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #119 from gpodder/dependabot/pip...
2018-06-23 Stefan KöglMerge pull request #124 from yarons/patch-1
2018-06-23 Stefan glMerge pull request #125 from yarons/patch-2
2018-06-23 Yaron ShahrabaniMissing parentheses completion125/head
2018-06-23 Yaron ShahrabaniTypo fixed124/head
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